Monday, November 1, 2010

Another FABULOUS fetish shoot...

I had another phenomenal latex shoot with the fabulous Gary Heller!  He is such a talent and it is such a pleasure to be part of the team along with Masae who is about as amazing as any hair stylist can be (she is also a fire eater, belly dancer AND color therapist, PHEW!).

This time around we shot the STUNNING and infamous Darenzia.
I had the pleasure or picking Darenzia up and driving her from the city to Gary's studio in Brooklyn.  It was so nice to get to know her.  She is an incredibly sweet and extremely intelligent lady.
Once we got to Gary's, Darenzia took out her crazy beautiful outfits and we began to pick and choose what we thought would look the best.  Masae, who has awesome(!!!) style really studies the clothing and you can see her mind working as to what would be best.  We chose three outfits and DAMN were they the ones to choose :D  I'm only going to be going over the makeup and looks for the first one, but PLEASE take a look at the rest, either on my website at or on my facebook.

The first outfit we chose was a latex bra/panties getup.  Absolutely gorgeous with a 50's/60's pinup feel to it.

Julia S. Dalton-Brush