Wednesday, September 1, 2010

MAKEUP FOREVER: Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick

Let’s get one thing straight, when Makeup Forever debuts a new line, they do it full force and they do not mess around.  I had actually purchased two of their Rouge Artist Intense colors a few weeks ago while in their boutique, to be honest I hadn’t had time to really try it out by the time the launch party came around.  Walking into the launch party, I was beautifully amazed by how many shades there were (50!!!).  I was in perfect lipstick heaven. 
The shades go as follows:
1-8 are the matte shades
Makeup Forever Rouge Artist Intense colors
9-21 are  the pearly shades (shimmer)
22-50 are the satin shades

What they say: “Formulated with 50% more pigment than the traditional lipstick, Rouge Artist Intense gives an immediate true-to-color result. A blend of three natural waxes, the creamy texture glides on effortlessly for a long-lasting hold. The extensive color and texture range provides unlimited creativity.
What I say:  These lipsticks are AMAZING.  They are seriously pigmented and glide on like Scott Hamilton did on ice (or for you younger readers Johnny Weir). The application of the lipsticks are incredible and, while at the party, I was told that it is key for Rouge Artist Intense to apply a balm as your basecoat before applying the lipstick.  Now, this is something I do in general when applying lipsticks just because I like the feel better and think it makes most lipsticks last longer, but that is key for these.  Also, I would say that for colors 1-21 you absolutely need the balm to have these lips glide on as nicely as the satin (22-50).
The beauty of Rouge Artist Intense is that because they are so heavily pigmented there are so many things that you can do with them.  The heavy pigment also leads to long lasting color.  As far as application you can either put it on directly from the tube to your lips, you can tap it on with your finger for a lighter color and look or you can use your lip brush for an in between color.  They also layer beautifully.  Last night was date night (YESSS!) and  I wanted a nice muted color with a light pop.  So, I used #22  which is a nude color (comparable, color wise, to MAC’s Myth) and I layered #12 on top, a beautiful light purple shimmer color.  It looked absolutely beautiful.  Tomorrow night I have a fabulous magazine launch party and will be wearing either #40 or their fabulous Moulin Rouge color (which if you purchase before sept 15th a portion of the money goes to the Beauty Bus Foundation, see Sephora’s site for details) for a big pop of color. 

So, on my new AMAZING rating system: (from Amazing to AAAAAmazing), I would have to give the satin shades a AAAAAmazing and the matte and pearly a AAAAmazing!  Truly wonderful.  So many colors to choose from, it should not matter what look you are going for, what skin tone you have or what style of lipstick you wear (matte, pearly or satin), you will find something that matches you and your style perfectly.  

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