Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Givenchy is God!

OK- so the world knows I love love love most any beauty products.  Even the craptastic ones are fun to open and try... but when I get one that STOPS ME IN MY TRACKS, there is nothing left in the world to do but shout it out to the world, to my blog and to ANYONE who will listen to me!

I was on set for a Target shoot a few weeks back and saw the amazing, beyond talented Gregg Brockington whip out this Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes mascara and... well, I stopped dead in my tracks and just watched.  I mean this thing looks CRAZY!  The applicator is right out of some crazy Gladiator movie but what it does makes your heart skip a beat and then beat twice to make sure you don't miss a moment in life now that you've seen this product.

This applicator reaches EVERYWHERE.  There is no lash too big, small or hiding that can't be reached.  Plus, as I have been playing with it, there are numerous ways to apply this mascara and all have incredible, but slightly different looks!

Ok- so, I never do this, but I was feeling a little spunky with makeup playing energy so I just threw on the Givenchy Penomen'Eyes on one eye and another mascara on the other...
They were quick applications, but even with that, you can see the difference (excuse the yikes brows, threading appointment manana):
Givenchy eye

Product X eye

Now, my application was QUICK!  But, even with a fast app, it is evident how phenomenally different Givenchy eye is Vs. X-product.

Mascara - to me- is the one makeup you shouldn't leave the house without applying.  It helps brighten your eyes, makes you look more awake and just adds a little "OOMPH" to your day.  Well, this mascara cannot be beat, as Givenchy so truly says on their website "Its innovative new design and high-precision application method will make all existing mascaras a thing of the past"

BUY THIS PRODUCT!  We all know you are probably LONG overdue for a new mascara, the questionable one sitting in your makeup bag is probably MONTHS beyond it's expiration, so when you go get a new one... GET. THIS. ONE.

Julia S. Dalton-Brush


  1. nice! u r right - it looks kinda scary

  2. I never tried it, but have no doubt how amazing this product is. Givenchy concealers are great as well.