Sunday, October 24, 2010

Rodan + Fields Micro-Dermabrasion Paste

I have always been a fan of Rodan + Fields products, many of you may know of their product Proactive.  I used it years ago in high school I believe and it was like a magic potion.  Well, they have done it again and I was able to try two of their awesome products.  I will be blogging about each product separately.
But, first, let me backtrack.  I first met the wonderful Marnie Momsen through one of my bff's.  This made me a bit nervous because I always love receiving products to blog about, but I don't usually have a personal connection with the person sending.  I told Marnie from the get go that I would love to write up her product, but that I will write a 100% honest review so that if I didn't like it I would have to write it.  She sent it to me anyhow and now I know why...

At first try the Rodan + Fields Enhancements Micro-dermabrasion Paste is like a grainy paste, it came out kind of clumpy and it made me nervous that I was going to put this on my face without any water. 
When first putting it on it felt almost like the old candy pop rocks... it was kind of cool!!!  Rubbing it in it felt good, like my face was getting a really good clean.  I have tried millions of other products that feel kind of like this when applying/washing.  But the real surprise came once I washed the paste off.  My face hadn't felt this amazing in I can't remember how long.  My skin felt as soft as my daughter's, it was amazing and it wasn't something that only lasted a few minutes, it felt the same way the next day... ALL DAY LONG!  It not only felt better to the touch, it felt better, well, as skin just sitting on my face.  It was replenishing.
Since I only got a sample of the product (I used it four times), I really wanted to investigate and look into what other people were saying.  The reviews are amazing.  People who are using this product are saying that it lightens brown discoloration in the skin, that their skin has never felt so soft and that it smells delicious (which I can attest to, a nice, light citrusy smell)... however it is not for sensitive skin (it is micro-dermabrasion!).

Here is one of the packets I used.
So, now that I have said everything in the world that is amazing about this product (bc pretty much everything about this product is amazing)... there is one downside (But , an upside to the downside), it is a little pricey... that being said, you don't need to use a lot of it to make it work so it LASTS!  I made a small packet last two times.

So, I would give this a CERTAIN
AAAAAmazing rating!
To purchase this product, or any of the other amazing Road + Fields products, please visit Marnie's site at and order or to go directly to this product click here!!!

I will be writing up my review of Rodan + Field's anti-aging night renewing serum SOON.  So stay tuned!

Julia S. Dalton-Brush

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